A change produced by influence .|Quote|Life|Wistom
Spend 23 hours a day wondering whether you're wrong ?wondering whether you've got the energy that you need to get through everything?You push harder .. In the 24th hour, You realize that Your biggest challenge isn't someone else. It's the voice inside you that whispers.Don’t listen to the whispers, yells to yourself ..You can overcome everything..

A change produced by influence .

Why keep yourself in the happy mood is important?especially for the person we care.

"One of the mysteries of human society is how we interact with each other,". "We are an empathic species. When you have emotions, I see it in your face and I feel the same emotions. That means we kind of move as herds. And so when other people are getting excited , it gets me excited too. You can't stay above it. If you are human, you get drawn in. But then when the emotions start changing, you get drawn into that too. And the emotion does seem to be changing. It looks like we're at the beginning of a change in psychology."

So,keep smiling... ;-)



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