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Spend 23 hours a day wondering whether you're wrong ?wondering whether you've got the energy that you need to get through everything?You push harder .. In the 24th hour, You realize that Your biggest challenge isn't someone else. It's the voice inside you that whispers.Don’t listen to the whispers, yells to yourself ..You can overcome everything..

=The Secret of Winning Edge

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 =The Secret of Winning Edge

It's a very famous little inspirational quote,and most likely you've heard the quote before
"Success is a journey, not a destination".

Although it's becoming worn out these days, I still believe that the statement is true. If you're go through and understand these words,you must be working your way to achieve your goal.
If you're internet marketer,you might be struggling in building your reputation in your online business or you're looking for fresh new ways to add a few hundred dollars to your monthly or weekly income.That's your goal.

But before you achieve the success you desire, there are always some evil ideas and misconceptions that you have to vomit out of your system.
"Success is What we Achieve"
Success is not a destination, as the quote says. "Success is What you Achieve".The truth is it not entirely true. In fact ,success is not about earning a $1 million dollar check in one day, or buying a new house. Don't get me wrong, though. These things are RESULTS of success. It's impossible to succeed and not have physical, material, and outward manifestations. But to say that the house and the million dollar check is the definition of success, then I'd say that's entirely wrong.

Here's my definition of success . Most of you may or may not agree with me and that's fine. We all have a different outlook and perspective on how to get the things we dream for in life, and let me share you mine:

"Success is a state of mind that urges us to achieve certain things on a daily basis".
That's it. It's not rhetoric. Most people valuing success from the point of view of RESULTS (oh, he's got a nice car,big house, he must be successful).

What they don't realize is that the person who got a nice car and experiencing a high level of income in life is already succeeding on a daily basis, even before he has reached his income goals. I've found out that really successful people have simply learned to do things a little bit differently every single day. They have the so called "winning edge" over their peers.

The Winning Edge
I believe that if you can just do one activity, one technique, one idea, one concept or strategy that NO ONE ELSE IS DOING, then if you do it on a regular basis (everyday), you can achieve greater heights in your career . To succeed on a daily basis, and consequently in the long term, do this:

1. Focus on what you'll do today. Now. Remember, there's no tomorrow without now. Your future will only be a result of what you're doing today. Tell yourself, "What is the most productive thing I can do at this very moment?"

2. Do things slightly differently than the others on a daily basis. If everyone else is saying the same words, displaying the same web pages, putting up the same old cliche's, then it's time to be different and stand out.

3. Identify the actions that bring you success and focus your daily efforts on doing MORE of those stuff.

4. Sit in front of your long term goals. Then determine what needs to be done to achieve it. It might sound simple but most networkers don't do it. For example, if your goal is $1,000 per month, how many leads, customers, and monthly subscribers do you need to have? To get those customers, how much traffic do you need to acquire? To get that traffic, how much is the budget you need to invest in advertising? How many articles do you need to write? How much time does it take to crank up that amount of content? Average people don't take time to know this vital information. Don't be average.

5. Do all you can to make TODAY the best day in your career. (Think Michael Jordan)
Don't sit back and wait for success to happen tomorrow. Success begins today. It's an ongoing process, not a final destination.

quote:Verniel Cutar*

**Verniel Cutar is an established leader in the MLM industry. He now leads a team of 1,045 active downline members.

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